A recent overhaul of the Architectural Products section of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) website means easier access to crucial information about architectural windows, curtain walls, storefronts, sloped glazing systems and more. This series of new web pages was created to focus exclusively on architectural products and the technology, tests and finishes associated with them.

Intended to aid users and suppliers or architectural products, detailed information is provided related to curtain walls, storefronts and sloped glazing systems, and includes reasons to choose AW- and CW-rated products. Sections specific to structural attributes, thermal performance and performance testing can be accessed, as well as details on architectural finishes, and impact and blast mitigation. Daylighting and solar control devices also are covered.

“We wanted the site to be a one-stop resource for to find credible, third-party industry information related to architectural products,” said Chad Ricker, market team manager for Technoform and chair of AAMA’s Architectural Products Group Marketing Committee. “We’re sure it will be of use to product users, suppliers and more.”

AAMA encourages fenestration companies to provide these web pages to their customer service representatives to serve as a third-party resource for commonly asked questions.

Visit aamanet.org/architectural to access these newly created resources.