COLPHENE LM BARR, the world’s first spray-grade silyl terminated polyether (STPE) waterproofing membrane, is now available from SOPREMA. Ideal for use in positive-side waterproofing, foundation waterproofing and a variety of above-grade, horizontal waterproofing applications, this one-component, liquid-applied, moisture-curing elastomeric product can be applied in both vertical and horizontal applications quickly and easily with very minimal prep work.  

COLPHENE LM BARR’s hybrid polyether composition combines the most desired features of multiple proven chemistries to deliver a broad range of desirable performance properties. It provides persistent adhesion to a wide range of materials—even “green” concrete—while demonstrating extremely high elongation properties. As a result, COLPHENE LM BARR forms tough, elastic seals capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, building movement and moisture without cracking or softening. This STPE product is also environmentally friendly with very low VOC content, cures quickly even at low temperatures.

“COLPHENE LM BARR is an exciting addition to our waterproofing barrier portfolio for a few key reasons,” explained Tom Bauer, Product Manager at SOPREMA. “First of all, COLPHENE LM BARR is a strong monolithic product than can now be spray-applied for the first time, making an already time-saving waterproofing technology even more efficient to use. 

In fact, due to the ability to spray on green concrete, wait times can be significantly reduced with this product.  Also, it yields a lasting seal, even on complex geometries. With 95 percent solids content, you can feel confident with COLPHENE LM BARR that what you spray is what will stay—the product will not shrink or pull away from the concrete over time. It is a truly innovative product, and we are confident waterproofing professionals will enjoy working with it.”

COLPHENE LM BARR is available today in both spray and brush grades. For more information on this product or any of SOPREMA’s other waterproofing barrier products, visit