Acoustical Surfaces Inc. (ASI), a pioneer in the business of controlling sound, announces its new Envirocoustic Wood Wool acoustical wall and ceiling panels. This latest offering comes in several variations and provides customers with a high-quality acoustical product featuring square corners and consistent thickness at a cost-effective price.

“We are proud to offer this high quality acoustical panel at such a competitive price,” says J.R. Andersen, president of ASI. “This new solution offers NRC-rated sound absorption, panel durability, and stock and custom colors for various applications including gymnasiums, classrooms, restaurants and bars, manufacturing and industrial facilities, parking garages, airports and more.”

The Envirocoustic Wood Wool manufacturing process creates a panel with less dust, allowing for cleaner installations and environments. The panels come in natural and white finishes, and are also paintable with vivid SonoKote colors. ASI is also addressing the need for consistent-thickness panels. The stock wall and ceiling direct-attach panels are beveled and have a tight thickness tolerance (+/-.005) compared to competitors. The same tolerances hold true for the tegular ceiling tiles. In addition, while competing panels are often inconsistent in shape, ASI’s Envirocoustic Wood Wool panels have consistently-square corners, which also makes installation easier and provides a clean final appearance.

“Envirocoustic Wood Wool also has environmental advantages,” continues Anderson. “The product is Class A fire rated, has a low VOC and is made of three simple ingredients: wood fiber, cement, and water. All these factors contribute to a refined, economical and great-looking final product.”