RapidMaterials, an e-commerce company specializing in high-quality tools for the construction industry, announces today that it will be the exclusive distributor of a new product line called PlankPanels. The low-cost, prefabricated rainscreen cladding system features FunderMax Exterior F-Quality High-Pressure-Laminate (HPL) material, which is available in both an exposed fastener system as well as a concealed fastener system.

All PlankPanels incorporate a double-hardened acrylic finish for an easy to clean, durable, color stable, scratch and weather-resistant rainscreen product that can be easily installed on any building type no matter the height.

FunderMax offers a 10-year Extended Warranty on PlankPanels projects that are submitted and confirmed to be correctly installed. With four layout styles and the largest color selection currently available on the market, PlankPanels provides customers with endless possibilities allowing architects and designers, as well as building and home owners, to let their imaginations run wild.

PlankPanels are available in a standard 8-inch width, and a thickness of 5/16 inches (8mm) but what differentiates the PlankPanels system from its competitors is its longer length, 161.42 inches. Longer panel lengths allow for greater design creativity and flexibility and may also allow for reduced fabrication and installation costs as fewer panels can cover more square-feet.

PlankPanels offers an exposed fastener system as well as concealed fastener system which is based on the FunderMax Modulo attachment system. Both systems can be installed above or below 40 feet to cover all project heights, another feature that sets PlankPanels apart from the competition.

David Trefzer, Manager of RapidMaterials, stated that “having the ability to use this product on projects over 40 feet tall is a huge advantage of our PlankPanels. We didn’t want to limit our customers to what they could do with this product.”

Sold in bundles consisting of 6 pieces, all PlankPanels pricing includes the joint and mid-panel clips required for the full panel length. Additional clips are available for purchase when needed. Each 161.42-inch PlankPanels 6-pack covers 53.8 square-feet.