Firestone Building Products (“Firestone”) has recently released a new formulation of polyiso, which is the best performing insulation in cold temperatures. Firestone’s new formula offers the same high-performing insulating capabilities with even more added benefits. It’s equipped with the highest R-value per-inch in low temperature performance.

At low temperatures (40 degrees Fahrenheit) competing polyiso boards may require additional thickness to achieve the same R-value of Firestone’s polyiso. It not only delivers significant cost savings for building owners, but it won’t soften or melt when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, it’s easy to install and requires less embodied energy to manufacture, providing an environmentally-friendlier option for architects, contractors and building owners concerned with reducing a building’s carbon footprint.

The Firestone polyiso offering includes ISO 95+ GL Insulation, RESISTA Insulation and ISOGARD HD Cover Board.