The Billboard Building combines a 3-story 1920s commercial building with a slender addition that rises more than 90 feet. The addition embraces the old building, with the wrapper forming a billboard that faces the highway corridor on one side, and an art-wall that faces the district on the other. The architectural integration of the two buildings contrasts the ornate stucco facade of the original, with the transparent, scenographic qualities of the tower.
This building not only has a great facade purposefully created for advertising, but it will also soon be the first U.S. home to Milan-based fashion school, Istituto Marangoni, with locations in Florence, Paris, London and Shanghai. The opening is scheduled for Fall 2017.

Shulman+Associates is also commissioned for the interior design of the school. This 360 project for the studio will undoubtedly have a strong cultural impact for the renowned Miami Design District.
With its very specific features, this building is a statement for a new type of buildings deeply intertwined with the American Culture of Billboards by highways.The 1st purpose of this architecture is to offer a frame, an information readable from the highway when the ground floor is re-energizing a zone that was sort of a no-mans land beneath the highway.   
Each year, AIA Florida proudly bestows Honor Awards upon architects and members of the community that contribute to the advancement of architecture. This year, Allan Shulman is the recipient of the Gold Medal Award. This medal honors his unique work, marked by preservation and innovation, and his specific mindset, always rethinking ways to restore what many would simply demolish. The award ceremony is set to take place in July at the AIA Florida Convention and Trade Show.