This detail is intended to be used where wall heights are 24 inches or less above roof surface, but may be used on taller walls if allowed by membrane manufacturer. The profile of specific components, their configuration or sequencing, can vary with the roof system, climatic differences, and regional or area practices.

Dimensions as shown are recommended minimums and are intended to be approximate to allow for reasonable tolerances due to field conditions. Adhere membrane wall flashing to parapet wall and attach at exterior face per code wind-design fastening schedule. Continuous cleats are recommended when flashing face dimension exceeds 3 inches and in areas deemed a high-wind zone as categorized by local building code.

For hot or high-altitude projects located in winter-time heating climates, WSRCA suggests that thermoplastic single-ply roofing membranes be a lighter color to provide a reflective surface. Thus, minimizing heat gain and thermal aging.