Bonded Building Materials Inc. has partnered with Roofinox to distribute the company’s Tin-plated (Terne) roofing products throughout New York State and the surrounding area. Roofinox tin-plated (Terne) was designed to ensure long-term sustainability and corrosion-resistance for wall-cladding, flashing, rainware, interior design and virtually all forms of roofing applications. 

“As a leading supplier of high-quality window, roofing and building materials in New York, we are always on the outlook for products that meet our contracting customer’s best needs,” says Gary Curcio, Jr., general manager, Bonded Building Materials. “There are a few similar products in the marketplace, however, none offer the solderability and ease-of-use of the Roofinox stainless steel product line. They are extremely durable and can be expected to turn an extremely elegant matte grey over time. It’s perfect for our high-end architectural projects and our many institutional clients. With our sister company, Architectural Sheetmetal Products Inc., we can even roll form or create custom details to fit any client needs.”

“We are constantly looking to increase our national reach through partnerships with reliable, long-standing suppliers like Bonded Building Materials,” adds Dave Rowe, vice president at Roofinox America. “They’ve been serving the marketplace for nearly 40 years and thoroughly understand the best interests of their customers. This is a relationship that will benefit both of our companies and contractors based throughout the State of New York.” 

The Roofinox product line consists of Roofinox Classic brush-rolled stainless steel, Roofinox Pearl bead-blasted stainless steel, Roofinox Plus ribbed stainless steel, Roofinox Chroma mirror-rolled stainless steel and Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne), the only tin-plated stainless steel product specifically developed and manufactured for roll forming and fabricating. 

Originally developed to withstand the harsh climatic conditions found in Central Europe, the Roofinox stainless steel product line is ideal for applications ranging from rural, urban and light industrial areas to historic and commercial sites and extreme coastal environments. Available in coil or sheet, materials can be ordered by themselves so customers can do their own forming or prefabricated by distributors. 

Based in Scotia, New York, Bonded Building Materials is a family-owned and operated business supporting contractors across the entire state of New York since 1980. The company can be contacted at or 518-346-2395. 

For more information on Roofinox, Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne), Roofinox Classic, Roofinox Pearl, Roofinox Plus or Roofinox Chroma please call 732-440-8069, email or visit