Increase thermal performance and address thermal bridging problems with an insulation material designed especially for use in space-limited and hard-to-insulate places.

Dow Corning Building Insulation Blanket is a new, thin, flexible insulation material that uses advanced silicon-based aerogel technology to deliver significantly improved thermal resistance vs. conventional insulation products.

In thermal modeling evaluations, the reduction in heat loss achieved with the Dow Corning HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket ranged from 25-73 percent.

Get high-performance solutions for challenging floor and wall insulation applications

Thin insulation solutions from Dow Corning are based on the company’s proven record in the construction industry and 70 years of success innovating silicon-based materials.

Dow Corning HPI-1000 benefits:

  •     Thin profile is ideal for insulating tough connection points in building envelopes, such as where glazing systems meet cavity walls, where below-grade systems meet above-grade systems, and where parapets meet roofs
  •     Thin profile for retrofitting existing designs to meet new performance requirements
  •     Fire Resistant
  •     Hydrophobic
  •     Compression resistance
  •     Easy to install in difficult profiles such as curves and corners
  •     Easy to cut, bend, shape and glue in shop or onsite

Consult the Dow Corning Building Insulation Blanket Application Guide.