A new roller-grade version of PROSOCO's popular R-Guard FastFlash fluid-applied flashing membrane is now available. The new product features all the same performance characteristics as the original, gun-grade version of FastFlash, but with properties that are ideal for roller-grade applications.

This advance in the R-Guard line of fluid-applied technology is designed to accommodate customers who prefer roller-grade applications of fluid-applied air and water barriers. Users will notice an improved, streamlined production of waterproofing applications, which in turn can bring down labor costs.

"At PROSOCO, we really listen to the concerns and demands of our customers, and this product innovation is designed specifically as a response to our customers," said Dave Pennington, manager of PROSOCO's building envelope group. "At the same time, we knew it had to live up to the standard of a product with an independently proven performance history of 11-plus years. We are excited to offer customers a product with both the same high performance standards as the original and with roller-grade properties."

Roller-grade FastFlash will be available in 2-gallon pails, while the standard gun-grade FastFlash will continue to be sold in sausages and cartridges. No changes have been made to the original, gun-grade formula.

In addition to only being available in 2-gallon pails, the roller-grade version of FastFlash will also be distinguishable by the label, which will be clearly marked, "Roller-Grade."

Find more information can be found on the FastFlash product page.