The Construction Climate Talks has so far focused on sustainable development and the concept of green buildings. In the third episode, James Drinkwater, Regional Director Europe of the World Green Building Council explains how sustainability is turning into common sense in the construction industry.

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Since November, the web TV series Construction Climate Talks has aired two episodes. The first episode featured Professor Johan Rockström (, one of the most notable advocates of sustainable development, and the second presented Josefina Lindblom (, policy advisor at the European Commission, responsible for their work on Resource Efficiency in the Building sector.

In the third episode of Construction Climate Talks, James Drinkwater, European Regional Director for the World Green Building Council, discusses the basics of building change in the industry, and why the business case is now at the forefront of sustainable building. James coordinates the network of 25 Green Building Councils across Europe, which is currently leading the world’s largest collaborative project on building renovation, with more than 1,000 organisations involved across 13 countries. He is a passionate advocate of the importance of collaboration across the whole value chain.

“We are starting to see that the business case is really driving sustainability. It’s not simply because companies think it’s a nice thing to do, it’s because there are business benefits driving green building now.”

Initiator of the web TV series is the Construction Climate Challenge Initiative, hosted by Volvo CE. “We want to promote sustainability throughout the entire construction industry,“ says Niklas Nillroth, Vice President, Environment & Sustainability at Volvo Construction Equipment. “We are hopeful that our film series will work as a contributing factor in the matter of making people aware and to enhance cross-sector collaboration throughout the construction industry value chain“.

The film is released, both on, YouTube and on CCC Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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