Roofs … until it's time to repair or replace one, we don't think much about them. But did you know that the roof over your head is actually part of a system? A roofing system is made up of individual components designed to work together to cover and protect a buildingfrom the outside elements. The four components that make up a roofing system are shingles, underlayment, starter shingles and hip & ridge shingles.


4 Components = 1 Roofing System

Shingles are familiar to most people, since they are the component of the system that's the most visible. However, the remaining three components are also important and play key roles. Underlayment protects the roof deck from Mother Nature during installation. Underlayment is also the next line of defense if any shingles are ever blown or ripped off during high winds.

The remaining two components are starter shingles and hip & ridge, both of which are specialty shingle products designed to start and finish off the roof, protecting the top of the roof deck and providing a finished look — similar to the effect of crown molding and baseboards for interior walls.

By using one manufacturer for the entire system, you can save time and avoid dealing with multiple manufacturers. Additionally, using one manufacturer often leads to better warranties.


One System. Multiple Advantages.

Atlas Roofing has developed the Signature Select Roofing System to maximize performance. With all Atlas manufactured products, the Signature Select system ensures each individual roofing component works with the others to provide the best protection.

Learn more about the benefits of the Signature Select Roofing System from Atlas here.