Concord announced their official sponsorship of a new continuing education course offered for members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) on the Section 179D deduction for energy efficient building design.

"The 179D deduction presents a valuable opportunity for the architecture, engineering and design firms that we work with on a national basis. But the deduction is under utilized, because many firms don't realize that they may be eligible to deduct up to $1.80 per square foot for work they've already done," said Concord Managing Member Dennis J. Stilger, Jr. "Through our sponsorship of this new educational opportunity for members of the American Institute of Architects, Concord is further committing to our mission of raising awareness of the deduction in the industry, and putting hard earned tax dollars back into the pockets of American businesses."

Developed by Concord, in conjunction with the writers of ARCHITECT, the Journal of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), "Understanding Tax Benefits of 179D for Design Firms" covers a number of topics that will be of particular interest to architects, engineers, and designers working in the public sector. The course explains:

  • The purpose of the § 179D deduction
  • The latest legislative updates impacting the § 179D deduction
  • Which firms and building systems are eligible for the deduction (§ 179D's definition of a "designer" is broader than you might expect)
  • The process required to claim the deduction
  • And how a change in standards affects the eligibility of 2016 projects

Here's an excerpt from the course:

Since it was initiated, the 179D deduction has leveraged billions of dollars in private capital, resulted in energy-efficient construction of thousands of buildings, and created and preserved thousands of jobs. It has lowered demands on the power grid, moved the U.S. closer to energy independence, and reduced carbon emissions.

"Understanding Tax Benefits of 179D for Design Firms" will appear in the March issue of ARCHITECT and will be available online at Hanley Wood University for the next 12 months.

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