SS ThruWall is the latest innovation from PROSOCO’s R-Guard line of flashing materials. A stainless steel fabric, SS ThruWall is a full, single sheet of 304 stainless steel bonded on one side to a layer of polymeric reinforcing fabric.

Designed for use with cavity wall and masonry veneer construction, SS ThruWall can be used to complement conventional waterproofing and air barrier components, or as part of a building-wide R-Guard air barrier system. The product is compatible with other R-Guard building envelope products.

R-Guard SS ThruWall is a thin-mil stainless steel flashing made of 60% recycled material and is even recyclable itself. The product doesn’t stain, making it appropriate for use with limestone, and it offers superior puncture resistance and tensile strength.

Available in rolls of 12-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch widths by 60 lineal feet, the product is flexible and very easy to cut and form by hand. Fire- and mold-resistant, SS ThruWall does not degrade in high-heat applications.

For customers in coastal climates, a version of SS ThruWall with better chemical resistance to salt air is available to resist corrosion and other weather-related staining.

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