Graco Inc. introduced the ToughTek Portable Stucco Pump for stucco and EIFS materials, the newest addition to Graco’s ToughTek product line. Compact and portable, ToughTek Pumps use piston pump technology to deliver abrasive materials with a smooth, steady flow.

“These new ToughTek stucco pumps can handle the stucco and EIFS materials required for the job, allowing contractors to use one pump from start to finish,” said John Lihwa, Graco product manager. “Plus, the ability to use long hose lengths makes it a great fit for any size project.”

For EIFS applications, the ToughTek S340e Stucco Pump handles air/water-resistive barrier materials, EIFS base coats and finish coats. For stucco applications, the unit handles scratch coats, brown coats and finish coats.

The ToughTek Stucco Pump’s compact design and small footprint make it easy to spray in tight areas. It is easy to set up, easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Its variable speed controls allow contractors to dial in the exact flow rate needed, from low to high-volume output.

Utilizing proprietary Graco technologies, the piston pumps stand up to abrasive stucco and EIFS materials to minimize maintenance downtime and reduce wear part expenses. The pump plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet or may be used with a 5.5 kW generator. It is easily lifted by two people and comes with a 20-gallon hopper.

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