Simpson Strong-Tie introduces its RCKW kneewall connector for cold-formed steel construction that features an anchor-hole pattern that enables anchorage to both concrete and structural steel.

The new RCKW kneewall rigid connector was developed to provide optimal rotational resistance at the base of exterior kneewalls and parapets as well as interior partial-height walls.

The versatile anchor-hole pattern features a larger hole to accommodate 1/2-inch-diameter concrete screws and wedge anchors, such as the Simpson Strong-Tie Titen HD screw anchor and Strong-Bolt 2 wedge anchor. Additional smaller diameter anchor holes enable attachment to structural steel with #12 self-drilling screws.

“We developed this product with both engineers and installers in mind, making it easier for our customers to do their jobs,” said Randy Daudet, Cold-Formed Steel Industry Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie. “Our testing simulates real-world conditions so Designers can save time and guesswork with their specifications. And by including an innovative anchor-hole pattern, installers can choose the one that works best for the jobsite without compromising the connector’s load capacity.”

Used with the Simpson Strong-Tie heavy 7-gauge RCKWS stiffener, this kneewall connector provides the industry’s highest strength and stiffness values. The screw holes and anchor holes in the stiffener line up with those in the RCKW clip, making fastener and anchor installation quick and easy.

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