The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association has recently updated its Reflective Roof Coatings and LEED white paper, originally issued by the Reflective Roof Coatings Institute (RRCI) in 2012. The RRCI white paper explores the role of reflective roof coatings in the US Green Building Council’s LEED v4 green building program with emphasis on new building structure, existing building operation and maintenance and LEED v4 prerequisites and credit requirements. 

The white paper intends to provide understanding for stakeholders on the cost effective contributions of roof coatings and the environmentally sound new building and renovation projects that use LEED v4. The white paper also serves as a resource which outlines the benefits that reflective roof coatings provide to buildings, businesses and the environment. The findings in RRCI’s LEED white paper apply to any reflective roof coatings that are LEED compliant.

Bob Kobet, the Kobet Collaborative, is the author of the RRCI LEED white paper updates, as well as RRCI’s original white paper. Members of the RCMA Reflective Roof Coatings Institute, RCMA Technical Affairs Committee, and RCMA Codes and Standards Task Force collaborated on the project to update and revise this white paper to incorporate updates with the new version of LEED.

The Reflective Roof Coatings and LEED v4 white paper is published online and can be found at the following link: