Intus Windows, a leading manufacturer of super energy-efficient windows and doors, is setting a new standard in unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC) window technology by bringing an affordable solution to the multifamily market with its Arcade line of high-performing windows. With multifamily construction at an 18-year high, according to recent U.S. Department of Commerce estimates, the Arcade window line offers developers the ultimate product for energy-efficiency, comfort and noise reduction with both new construction and renovation.

“Made of U-PVC, our high performance Arcade line with added steel reinforcement, brings the basics of super energy-efficient building components to mainstream markets. Finally, there is a window solution for large commercial projects, like multifamily buildings, condominiums and hotels, that is affordable, sleek and high performing,” said Aurimas Sabulis, managing director, Intus Windows, Fairfax, Virginia. “The results for multifamily developers are tremendous energy savings, decreased carbon footprint, increased occupant comfort level and a sleek European design.”   

For the multifamily market, windows provide significant noise reduction, energy savings and an improved occupant comfort level. ”Due to the uses of steel reinforcement and overall rigid frame construction, our windows can enclose extremely large openings. These methods allow buildings to achieve significant modern design aesthetics and bring in more natural light,” Sabulis explained. “Large window walls such as floor-to-ceiling assemblies for oversized openings are commonly used in a lot of new buildings.”

The Arcade line also offers an operable tilt and turn window design that allows the entire unit to open. Tilt and turn windows provide easy cleaning since the windows open inward, allowing for the tenant a self-cleaning option.

Key Arcade window advantages for multifamily projects include:  

  • Triple pane glazing options that achieve a DP70 rating (Design Pressure) and thermal insulation up to R7.
  • Triple-sealed for extreme air and water protection.
  • Superior sound control up to STC45 or OITC 38 (STC, or sound transmission class, measures sound transmission loss and includes common noises such as voices, televisions, music, dogs barking; OITC, or outside inside transmission class, measures exterior noise which is often heavy in low frequencies).
  • Warm edge spacers for decreased condensation and increased interior glass surface temperature.
  • Various glazing options with two low-E coating options for various SHGC, Ug and Vt requirements. Argon and krypton gas filled IG units (insulated glazing) for increased thermal performance.
  • Multi-point locking system for maximum security and air tightness as low as 0.01 CFM/sq. ft.
  • Steel galvanized u-channels sealed within the chamber profile, provide windows’ strength.

“The U.S. window industry has seen some low-quality vinyl windows in the past that were, and still are, predominantly used in residential construction. Intus Windows’ commercially-rated Arcade line is a drastically different product that meets many of the structural requirements in the majority of aluminum windows but offers twice the performance and improved comfort. Our Arcade line has a life expectancy of 40 years and brings a unique and sleek design that is an ideal solution for the multifamily market,” said Sabulis.  

He explained that U-PVC has evolved over the years into a completely different exterior framing product than when first developed. “Previously, some window manufacturers used substandard techniques and additives, so yellowing occurred on window profiles. With advancements today – and especially at Intus Windows – strict quality control and new formulations have led to high performing solutions. The U-PVC we have today is even more UV resistant.” The use of U-PVC means that no plasticizers are added. Quality additives ensure that the white colored window frames remain that way for 40 years or more. In addition, this durable, low maintenance framing material reduces heat transfer and helps to better insulate.

The extensive Arcade line comes with exterior color laminates that are applied on the frames, meeting the highest finish standards comparable to AAMA 2605 aluminum finishes or equivalent to the Kynar finish. It is available in eight different exterior and 33 different interior color options. Hardware finishes are available in white, silver, champagne, gold, bronze, brown and titanium.

Seven different decorative grille designs are available as well as unlimited custom grille design options. Simulated divided lites with spacers and the decorative and true divided lite options are available. The Arcade line also offers six different glazing options: obscure, tinted, clear, tempered, security and laminated glass. 

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