Detail courtesy of the Wall and Ceiling Conference and the Stucco Manufacturers Association

Exterior Corner for Insulated Stucco

Exterior corners for cement stucco are often best done with the addition of a trim accessory known as a “Corner-Aid” or “Corner-Bead.” This trim accessory can be a welded wire, PVC or expanded metal lath material. Regardless of the material, the trim accessory should be designed specifically for cement stucco and approved by the manufacturer for that usage. Corners may be square or bull-nosed. A PVC nose is recommended for acrylic finish coats and metal nose for cement finish coats.

Attachment may be by wire tying the trim accessory to properly applied metal base (lath). The trim accessory shall be secured as not to move during the application of cement plaster, including rodding, screeding or floating. Attachment shall be per manufacturer’s recommendations and never less than 24 inches-on-center.