Company’s Structural Insulated Panels help provide an energy-efficient, comfortable and safe indoor environment in town homes and multi-family housing.              

In addition to helping reduce heating and cooling energy use up to 60 percent in homes and commercial buildings, testing by an independent laboratory now confirms that Premier Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) reduce sound transmission, for a quieter indoor environment.

Certain wall assemblies using the panels achieve sound transmission class ratings (STC) of up to 58 and 59, which is well above the STC 50 requirement for walls separating dwelling units, required by the International Building Code (IBC). These assemblies are also ASTM E119 hourly rated assemblies.

Premier SIPs now provide builders and designers with energy efficiency, high STC ratings and hourly assemblies in a framing system that the contractor can install very quickly. With today’s construction labor shortages, Premier SIPs offers an exceptional system with fewer labor requirements than traditional framing products.

“It's a challenge to get a stick-framed structure to meet both sound transmission and fire resistance ratings, but with Premier SIPs it can be done,” said James Hodgson, General Manager for Premier SIPs. “This dual sound and fire performance makes the panels an ideal choice for town homes, condos, apartments and hotels, where safety and sound transmission are especially critical.”

For details on the tested wall assemblies, refer to Premier SIPs Technical Bulletin #25c and UL U524. Check with a Premier SIPs rep for more information.