Every winter, temperatures drop into single digits; in some parts of the U.S., severe temperature drops can last for weeks. Icicles on the edge of the roof may look pretty, but they are a warning sign that ice dams may be forming. When heat rises into an attic it warms the roof, except at the eaves. As snow melts on the roof, the water freezes on those cold eaves and ice forms along the eaves. Because the melting water can't drain to the eaves, it backs up under the shingles, creating an ice dam.  This puts the roof at risk of leaking.

In parts of the country where winter temperatures endure, it is essential to select a quality, durable roofing underlayment that can withstand long-term winter abuse. Installing inferior underlayment puts a roof at greater risk of failure from ice dams that have the potential to inflict serious damage to a home’s interior. Atlas WeatherMaster Granular SE can help prevent ice dams from forming.


Under Any And All Roofs

WeatherMaster Granular SE is a peel and stick underlayment designed for maximum ice and water protection under any roofing shingle, including asphalt, tile, wood shake, slate, or metal. It helps secure the entire deck of a properly ventilated roof, especially in sections where water collects or drainage is slow, as well as vulnerable areas including flashings, valleys, eaves, hips, ridges, rakes, dormers, and skylights.

WeatherMaster Granular SE has a self-adhesive backing that seals directly to the roof deck and is reinforced with a fiberglass mat. It is 55 mil thick, 38 percent above the standard industry requirement. Its dual-modified asphalt provides superior granular adhesion. It is cold-applied and no special adhesives, heat, or equipment is necessary for installation.


Strong Enough And More

The surface of opaque granules on this roof underlayment provides excellent traction for contractors, as well as protection from UV degradation and weathering. Its surface can withstand a 45-day exposure to the sun and has a high temperature stability up to 240degrees Fahrenheit.

The self-adhering modified bitumen helps create a watertight barrier by sealing to the deck and around nails. WeatherMaster Granular SE is made with a fiberglass mat that provides better tear resistance than saturated felt. It has an Underwriters Laboratories Class A and Class C Fire Rating, plus all ASTM ratings required for standard ice dam underlayment.

It is good business for a roofing contractor to make his customers feel he has their best interests at heart. Take time in the sales presentation to explain the importance of underlayment and how it helps protect the roof from harsh weather conditions.

Atlas offers homeownersincreased coverage of their Premium Protection Period on any Atlas Signature SelectRoofing System. WeatherMaster Granular SE qualifies for use in the Atlas Signature SelectRoofing System when used in combination with other qualifying Atlas products. For more information, visit: www.AtlasRoofing.com/Pro.