Environmentally Safe Products Inc. (ESP), creator and manufacturer of patented ESP Low-Ereflective insulation, is celebrating 25 years of helping homeowners conserve resources, and its growth from a small regional player into a producer with an international footprint.


What is ESP Low-E?

ESP Low-E is a reflective insulation is created by heat-bonding a pure aluminum facing to closed cell non-toxic polyethylene foam. This patented process enables ESP Low-E to outperform competing products. The product name refers to “low emissivity”—the quality that enables ESP Low-E to work as a barrier that stops 97 percent of radiant heat and prevents air and moisture infiltration.


Versatility and Opportunity

Its non-toxic, non-itch closed cell-and-aluminum design makes it resistant to the transfer of heat through convection, conduction, and radiation under roofs, in walls, around ductwork and much more. ESP is a manufacturer of a number of specialized Low-E products, such as SlabShield concrete underlayment, Attic Floor insulation, ThermaSheet roofing underlayment, PipeWrap and many more.

Because it dramatically increases a building’s R-Valueand drives down lifetime energy costs, some of the nation’s largest residential builders install ESP Low-E—a lot of ESP Low-E. In fact, the company has manufactured well over half a billion square feet of the product, and today ESP Low-E is the number one selling reflective insulation in the United States. ESP sells Low-E insulation through a distribution network that reaches international markets as well, including the United Kingdom, Asia, South America, and beyond.


A New Record … and More Growth Ahead

ESP recently announced that in 2014, it shattered its annual sales record. And in December, the company rolled out Simple Solution Rolls—specially packaged quantities of ESP Low-E created for DIY homeowners, auto enthusiasts and others. The company also plans to continue expanding its network of U.S. distribution centers in the coming years.