Architecture Week, traditionally celebrated the second week of April every year, is a time for designers of the built environment to reflect on their role in society. This year, architects from across LEO A DALY’s international design practice took the opportunity to tell their stories, and share what drives them. 

Designers in 4 LEO A DALY offices took time out of their week to answer questions like:

Why did you become an architect? and What is architecture’s superpower?

The answers are sincere and inspiring.

Cindy McCleary, AIA, from LEO A DALY Minneapolis recalls the experience of seeing the council chambers of a recently-designed city hall “chock-a-block full of people ready to participate in their government.”

Kristi Nohavec, AIA, from LEO A DALY Omaha tells of becoming the 17th woman licensed to practice architecture in the state of Nebraska.

Stephen Wright, AIA, of LEO A DALY Washington, D.C., expresses his belief that “design has the opportunity to change lives.”