For a great part of the country, when winter arrives it usually results in fluffy white snow, sledding, and snowmen. Unfortunately, for The Life Center at East Valley Church, there was no such winter wonderland. The harsh winter rains brought severe flooding, which resulted in the destruction of their main sanctuary. And although the setback was tough initially, the East Valley Church turned the negative to a positive as they reached out to its members to help fund a brand new sanctuary that they all could enjoy for years to come.
In a time that could have been a very disappointing period for the East Valley Church, great symbolism was instead paired with the construction of a brand new sanctuary. Visually it would represent the power of the congregation coming together to overcome adversity. Additionally, they could create a great first impression for new members and visitors. And since the East Valley Church wanted a sanctuary that could be enjoyed for years to come, sustainability would also be of the utmost importance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
One Chance at a First Impression
DesCor Builders, a well-known Northern California contractor, was brought in to help manage the construction of the new 16,000 square foot facility.
As a third generation contractor, DesCor Builders founder Brad Des Jardin leaned on his extensive experience when he chose insulated metal panels as the building envelope for the new sanctuary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Optimo Smooth and KS Mini Micro Rib IMPs would perfectly satisfy the necessary aesthetic appeal and sustainability needs required. 
Des Jardin explained that once aesthetic factors were considered, it became clear quickly that Kingspan was the optimal choice. “The products are a high quality smooth panel, while many metal building manufacturers only provide embossed panels.” And in addition to the flexibility shown with the finish options, Des Jardin stated an additional reason DesCor Builders went with the product is because the ones used on this project provided a higher quality finish for commercial buildings when compared to the competition.
While aesthetics aren’t everything, The Life Center at East Valley Church wanted a building where members and visitors alike would feel comfortable from the moment they stepped in until the movement they left. And they got it.
To start, the Optimo Smooth panels provided a modern appeal with a polished finish. The galvanized, pre-painted, steel panels delivered the clean look DesCor Builders had been tasked with achieving.
Equally impressive, the 22 Ga. smooth finish on the KS Mini Micro Rib was used in complement to the Optimo Smooth. With the double tongue and groove interlocking rainscreen joints in place, the sanctuary was starting to show the beauty and elegance the congregation desired. 
The church services would continue to be held in a temporary structure while construction of their new sanctuary was taking place, making build speed a critical factor for the success of the project. IMPs, being a single component system, provided excellent speed of build and decreased installation time when compared to other built-up wall systems. Brad Des Jardin detailed the seamless integration of the products to the rest of the building noting that both the architect and the customer were thrilled with the end result.
Energy Efficiency is Key 
Eye-catching aesthetics were only part of the equation for success when it came to The Life Center. They wanted to ensure that the new sanctuary’s looks remained consistent for years to come, they also wanted to ensure that it would also run as efficiently as possible for years to come as well. This goal was perfectly in sync with DesCor’s company goal, which is to, “Create a long term model of success that will ensure the sustainability of the business for future generations of owners.” 
DesCor Builders pride themselves on constructing buildings that fit LEED certified qualifications. As stated by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED certified buildings save money and resources and have a positive impact on the health of their occupants, while promoting renewable, clean energy. And in order to help make the East Valley Church’s new sanctuary LEED eligible, DesCor once again depended on the help of Kingspan products.
Through superior air and weather tightness, the Optimo Smooth and KS Mini Micro Rib created an efficient building envelope by reducing heat loss and minimizing thermal bridging. With the help of Kingspan IMP’s superior thermal performance, the new sanctuary will possibly experience energy savings up to 30 percent when compared to the multi-part built-up system alternative. All of which helps meet ASHRAE 90.1 requirements, which in turn can be used to earn LEED certification points for its Minimum Energy Performance.
A Brand New View
With the Champagne Pearl finish shining bright upon completion of the new sanctuary, The Life Center at East Valley Church members were able to move out of the temporary structure and into their brand new sanctuary. Looking great and running efficiently to match, the new sanctuary is set to be a staple for the whole community to enjoy for years to come.