Metal roofs can be safer and more secure when protected by an Atlas Roofing underlayment produced for those specific applications. WeatherMaster PolySeal SE, a durable, self-adhering modified composite roof underlayment, has a salvaged edge and is crafted to withstand the rigors of metal roofing applications.

This is a tough, non-scratch 50 MIL roof underlayment that provides metal roofs a resilient barrier to storm damage, UV degradation, and moisture issues. It has a soft surfaced polyester face that allows for direct to deck application.

The product is a unique underlayment that offers the application benefit of cold temperature adhesion, and yet retains exceptional thermal stability under intense heat. In fact, it has a 260 degree Fahrenheit melting point. It prevents unwanted moisture entry because it seals uniformly to the substrate and even around nail penetrations.

Because it is self-adhering, no special bonding agent, heat treatment, or other equipment is needed for a proper metal roof installation. It has a maximum exposure rating of 45 days and can also be used as flashing tape to provide a secondary water barrier.

Before the metal roof surface is installed, the product can be applied to the dry roof deck surface during fair, dry weather in temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. (In temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, deck surfaces will need to be primed prior to application.)

As an added benefit, Atlas offers homeowners increased coverage of its Premium Protection Period on any Atlas Signature Select Roofing System. It qualifies for this when purchased in combination with other qualifying Atlas products. For complete information visit:

Before the metal goes over, get the right product under.