SOPREMA Inc. has developed SENTINE PVC, a high-performance roofing membrane that provides long-term performance, is easy to install, flexible and aesthetically pleasing for a variety of roofing types.

SENTINEL PVC roof systems are manufactured using specialized processes that provide unique roof top performance and aesthetic characteristics, including SOPREMA’s Acrylic Shield surfacing. SENTINEL (Silver Art and Copper Art) is the only roof membrane of its kind to integrate silver and copper metallic powder providing enhanced aesthetic appearance and weathering capabilities that are identical to metal roofs.

“What makes SENTINEL PVC stand out is its unmatched flexibility, resistance to dirt pickup and long-term weatherability contributing to superior long-term performance compared to other PVC membranes,” said Eric Younkin, business development manager at SOPREMA. “Because of its flexibility, SENTINEL is easy to install and durable, with a proven service life that far exceeds the warranty of the roof.”

In addition to these features, SENTINEL PVC is chemical resistant, making it well-suited for buildings that are prone to grease and oil exposure or factories with exhausts on the roof. SENTINEL PVC is also fire and wind rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and FM Approvals.

SENTINEL PVC is designed for both new construction and retrofit projects and is available in small rolls, making it easier to lift and maneuver on projects of any size. The roof system can be installed over a variety of substrates in all climates and can be applied on top of existing asphalt roofs, saving money as tear-off and roof preparation are significantly reduced.

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