WASHINGTON — The Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing announced several new updates to the RoofPoint program and online application. This year, project participants will have greater access to promotional materials that can help them highlight their involvement with RoofPoint, as well as the participation of other project team members.

The first new feature is an electronic media kit that is now available to all past and future RoofPoint Registered Projects. Additionally, users will have the ability to order professionally printed project certificates. According to the Center, RoofPoint staff will also be hard at work advertising participants’ leadership in sustainable roof design and construction to building owners and facility managers across the country.

To continue to bring new features online and to support the continual maintenance of the program, project registrations will no longer be offered free of charge. Submissions for RoofPoint Registered Projects will require an introductory $250-per-project fee. Discounted fees are available to Center members.

For more information, visit www.roofingcenter.org.