ALLENTOWN, Pa. — The ATAS course “Energy Efficient Building Envelope Technology” has been approved by the Green Building Certification Institute. The course is designed for green building professionals in any construction field to enhance their sustainable building knowledge. The course is worth 1 general CE hour.

“Energy Efficient Building Envelope Technology” educates architects and others in the construction and design communities about how metal is a sustainable material by nature, as well as how metal is compatible with solar components. Unlike some materials, metal can be recycled at the end of its useful life. Cool coatings make metal roofing more sustainable because they can increase solar reflectivity, improve thermal emittance, reduce the urban heat island effect and decrease energy consumption. Metal roofs also can create above sheathing ventilation, or ASV, an air space between a roofing panel and the deck. ASV combined with a cool metal roof can reduce heat gain by up to 45 percent and produce the equivalence of 0.15 solar reflectance gain. An added bonus is ASV can significantly reduce roofing temperatures so attic temperatures do not exceed peak day outdoor air temperatures. Metal walls also come with many green benefits, including R-values that range from R-16 to R-32. Components, such as photovoltaics and transpired solar collectors, can be added to metal roofing or wall panels, respectively, to bring additional energy cost savings.

“Professionals who take this course do not need prior technical knowledge about metal,” explained Jim Bush, vice president of sales for ATAS. “After completion of the course, an attendee will be well versed in how metal roofs and walls are part of the sustainable movement in the United States. Metal brings so many green qualities to a project, and it is the perfect platform for photovoltaic systems.”

ATAS’ sustainable product line includes ATA-Solar, a building integrated photovoltaic roof system, and InSpire, a transpired solar collector wall system that preheats outside ventilation air. Course attendees will be educated about these products, as well.

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