The recent trend is for application of living plants over the waterproofing system. In conditions where living growth cannot be applied directly over the system the tried and true application of planters is acceptable. Planters or containers that are installed on the slab require waterproofing at two locations. Waterproofing at the exterior or underside of the container should be applied in a continuous fashion over the slab. The container is then set over the waterproofing.

Waterproofing at the interior of the container is completed as a typical horizontal waterproofing application. The waterproofing is applied directly to the interior container substrate. Application is completed at all interior vertical and horizontal substrates so that the container is completely lined with waterproofing. A protection board or lead liner is applied to protect the waterproofing from interior fillers – i.e., soil, plants, etc. Planters installed in weather temperate zones require the insulation installation to avoid false plant or tree blooming in winter months.

Planters and Containers
Detail courtesy of American Hydrotech.