FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.– The ACI Foundation, a wholly-owned and non-profit subsidiary of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), recognized three individuals with awards during the ACI Fall 2011 Convention last month in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Michael E. Kreger was awarded the ACI Foundation Concrete Research Council Arthur J. Boase Award, which recognizes outstanding activities and achievements in the reinforced concrete field.

Kreger is a professor in the School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University, where he joined the faculty in 2004 after serving on the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin for 20 years. He is an ACI Fellow and is active on several ACI committees. Kreger received his BS, MS, and PhD from the University of Illinois and is a licensed professional engineer in Texas.

Adam Neville was awarded the ACI Foundation Concrete Research Council Robert E. Philleo Award, which recognizes outstanding research in the concrete materials field or for outstanding contributions to the advancement of concrete technology through application of the results of concrete materials research.

Neville, Commander of the Order of the British Empire, has worked in universities in New Zealand, Nigeria, England, and Canada and was president of the University of Dundee, Scotland. He retired in 1987 and has continued to be active as an expert witness and researcher. Neville, who has been an ACI member for more than 50 years, is an ACI Honorary Member as well as an ACI Fellow.

Arezki Tagnit-Hamou was awarded the ACI Foundation Strategic Development Council Jean-Claude Roumain Innovation in Concrete Award, which recognizes those who have made contributions to the improvement of manufactured materials used in the production of concrete, have developed innovative ways to use existing and new materials, have improved concrete construction and serviceability, and have contributed to a sustainable built environment.

Tagnit-Hamou is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Universite de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, where he has been since 1990. He is also Head of the Alternative Cementitious Materials Laboratory and the Director of both the Industrial Research Chair on the Valorization of Glass in Materials and Graduate Studies. Tagnit-Hamou is an ACI Fellow and is active on several ACI committees.

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