Detail courtesy of Al Mejia, IRT-Paragon Inc.

Equipment Support

This detail should be used to support mechanical equipment, piping, signs, and similar equipment that does not penetrate through the deck. The roofing and flashing application should be in accordance with the roof system manufacturer’s requirements.

Design Requirements

1. Curbing should be properly secured to the structural deck.

2. Curb height should be a minimum of twelve (12) inches above the deck surface and a minimum of eight (8) inches above the completed roof surface for proper flashing height.

3. Do not use pitch pans for equipment supports.

4. Provide crickets around equipment supports to eliminate the accumulation of standing (ponding) water in these areas.

5. Provide a minimal clearance of twelve (12) inches between equipment supports and stacks to allow for roof installation between these points.

6. Properly apply a metal covering over the curb. Metal covering should be secured to the equipment support curb and not to the roof.