Westlake Royal Building Products (Westlake Royal), a Westlake company, has introduced SwiftAnchor, a high-performance and mechanically fastened base or anchor sheet. SwiftAnchor is designed specifically for the optimal adhesion of Westlake Royal TileSeal HT and Westlake Royal MetalSeal HT underlayments. Incorporating an innovative and patented nail gasketing technology, the product offers superior moisture and wind uplift resistance combined with a high grip backing for deck grab and improved walkability.

“After years of development to perfect this product, we are proud to introduce SwiftAnchor,” says Steve Booz, Director of Marketing and Product Management for Westlake Royal Building Products. “The many features of this base sheet make it an ideal choice for roofing contractors in need of an effective and protective mechanically fastened option.”

SwiftAnchor is notably constructed of three layers. The top engineered coating layer is designed for optimal adhesion, walkability, and as a gasketing moisture barrier. The second layer offers strong tear-resistant reinforcement, while the third provides exceptional grip to the deck along with added gasketing moisture barrier protection. Combined, the three layers provide protection from the elements in all climates, seasons and weather.

The product is offered in rolls each sized 40” x 300’ and comprised of approximately 10 squares, or 1,000 square feet. With each roll weighing just 45 pounds, the product is easy to load and install on the roof. Clearly identifiable lay lines also simplify installation. SwiftAnchor’s patented gasketing technology, along with its UV and thermal stability, enable it to be left uncovered and exposed up to 60 days. 

SwiftAnchor is certified for ASTM D8257 and meets the stringent performance requirements of Miami-Dade and FBC 2023 when installed with Westlake Royal TileSeal HT or Westlake Royal MetalSeal HT underlayments.

“SwiftAnchor is both simple and quick to install and it is notably designed to withstand extremely high wind conditions,” adds Booz. 

The product is offered with a limited 30-year warranty.[i] View information for SwiftAnchor hereorder a sample of SwiftGuard here. To explore the company’s full suite of concrete, composite, clay, steel, and components roofing options, visit Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions.