The first significant exhibit and book on women's contributions to American architecture is revisited in the newest episode of the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) documentary series, New Angle: Voice.

This episode of the acclaimed audio documentary series looks at not just one woman, but rather revisits the Brooklyn Museum's 1977 exhibition, "Women in American Architecture,”

Curated by architect Susana Torre and sponsored by the Architectural League of New York, the exhibition was covered in most national and architectural media and Ada Louise Huxtable wrote a significant review of the show in The New York Times

The newest audio episode, ‘Laying the Groundwork: Women in American Architecture, Spring 1977,’ debuts the first program of New Angle: Voice’s third and consclusive season, with following installments expanding on the exploration of women's larger influences in architecture, notably, public housing advocate and city planning educator, Catherine Bauer Wurster (1905-1964).