The Roofing Alliance unveils a new training course and report on heat stress in roofing. The Heat Stress for Roofers Training Course and Final Report are now available for purchase in NRCA’s Bookstore.
 The report and training modules provide important industry heat stress data and its effects on roofers including how to prevent heat-related illnesses, contributing risk factors, policies and regulations surrounding heat stress, as well as a guide for providing a workplace heat-related illness plan.
 Spearheaded by Dr. Kenneth Sands from Florida Gulf Coast University and funded by the Roofing Alliance, the research focused on three pivotal objectives:

  1. Real-time Observation: We meticulously observed roof technicians in action, studying their behaviors and responses while working under challenging conditions.
  2. Direct Inquiry: Through structured interviews, we engaged technicians to gather firsthand insights about their experiences working in hot environments, shedding light on their challenges and strategies for coping.
  3. Comprehensive Data Collection: Employing advanced monitoring techniques, we recorded both the core body temperatures of technicians and the environmental conditions they encountered. Rigorous equipment calibration and initial testing procedures were conducted to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our data.
“Special thanks go out to the Roofing Alliance Task Force Chairman Rudy Gutierrez of Shell Roofing Solutions and his dedicated task force members, along with Dr. Kenneth Sands and his team, for their exemplary efforts in developing this invaluable resource,” commented Roofing Alliance Executive Director, Alison L. LaValley, CAE.
 The Heat Stress for Roofers Training Course and Final Report are free for all Roofing Alliance members and available for purchase for all others in NRCA’s Bookstore.