CONTRAFLAM® One, the industry’s most advanced product since the invention of fire-resistive glass, is now in production at Vetrotech Saint-Gobain’s new Faribault production headquarters. 

CONTRAFLAM® One leverages more than 40 years of unmatched Vetrotech expertise in interlayer technology. It stands out from the crowd with three key advantages: 

· It’s light transmission at its finest, with up to 90% (the highest on the market).  

· Its impact on the environment is lighter, with up to 35% less embodied carbon than conventional multi-chamber products.  

· It has the lightest weight in its category for faster installation, saving time and money on the job site.  

All that is possible because CONTRAFLAM® One is distinguished by an innovative single-chamber foaming interlayer for all fire-resistance ratings, called HYBRIDCORE™ Technology. 

“This is the biggest change in the fire-rated glazing industry since the original CONTRAFLAM introduced fire-resistive glazing in North America,” said Michael Miller, National Sales Manager for Vetrotech Saint-Gobain in North America. “CONTRAFLAM® One is the direct result of Vetrotech and Saint-Gobain’s commitment to sustainable construction. We changed everything from our headquarters, our production process and decades of multi-chamber interlayer expertise. Now the results speak for themselves.” 

Customers can now contact their Vetrotech sales representatives in North America to discuss projects for CONTRAFLAM® One’s core configurations in VDS Framing. 

CONTRAFLAM® One, along with VDS Fire Rated Framing Systems and other Vetrotech products, will be produced at our new, state-of-the-art production facility in Faribault, MN. Not only does the new facility offer advanced technology, but it is co-located with SageGlass, providing a North American Glass Campus for parent company Saint-Gobain.  

“The move from Washington to Minnesota shows the commitment of Saint-Gobain to Vetrotech in North America,” said Brad Hanson, General Manager of Vetrotech in North America. “This puts us front-and-center with major investments in manufacturing, centralizing us in North America and improving on our existing industry best lead times. Couple that with CONTRAFLAM® One and its 

advantages to the market, there is no question in my mind that Vetrotech is the premiere fire-rated glass manufacturer in North America.”  For more information about CONTRAFLAM® One, visit our website here.