Experts from Roof Hugger and McElroy Metal will be presenting “Retrofit with Metal Systems” on the opening day and the last day of the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas.

DJ Highnote of Roof Hugger and Charlie Smith of McElroy Metal will be discussing different methods of retrofitting a roof with metal systems on the IRE show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center at 3 p.m., Feb. 6 and Feb 8. The 45-minute interactive presentation, which is included with the price of the Expo Pass, will discuss re-covering failing low-slope metal roofs with new metal systems.

It’s one of seven Metal Construction Association “Building Clinics” focused on metal roofing conducted on the show floor during the three-day event.

Roof Hugger will be exhibiting at the show along with Logan Stampings in booth number 7246, while McElroy Metal will be in booth 6735.