We were recently joined by Wesley Price, the Eastern Territory Manager for Tremco’s offsite team, to discuss his upcoming webinar, “Prefabricated EIFS-Clad Wall Assemblies," which is airing live on December 20 at 2pm EST.

Wesley sat down with to discuss the benefits of prefabricated construction. One element of prefabricated construction is Prefabricated EIFS-Clad Panel Assemblies. This type of wall assembly offers a building envelope wall that is aesthetically finished, lightweight, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and provides continuous insulation. 

This upcoming course will introduce participants to the fundamentals of prefabricated walls, and detail the features, benefits, and design considerations of Prefabricated EIFS-Clad Wall Assemblies. 

Participants will also gain an understanding of the various Prefabricated EIFS-Clad Wall configurations and options available for enhanced durability and performance.

Listen in to hear more about what’s to come during the live webinar. Register for free here