This session will comprehensively cover NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ vision for a more inclusive, equitable “City of Yes.” These new policies intend to improve livability for residents, including conversion of vacant lots and buildings to residential; reduction of parking and improving walkability and access to public transit; increased access to open space; and improvements to waste management. 

Attendees will be assessed on their understanding of these new planning and design solutions as well as their effects on residents and the landscape. This session will provide strategies for other cities struggling with sustainability addressing housing and transportation needs. Urban planners, architects, and policy makers will benefit most from this course.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Address some of the resilient solutions to housing crises around the country.
  2. Describe how outdoor space and biophilic design can be an integral part of multifamily buildings for urban apartment dwellers.
  3. Describe how public transit and biking/walkability in neighborhoods can impact multifamily projects and parking ordinance.
  4. Discuss the NYC waste management and recycling laws in multifamily housing projects and how these support environmental and sustainability goals for a city.

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