CAW Architects (CAW), a firm widely-regarded for its commitment to architecture for social change, as well as values of design excellence and progressive culture, announced the growth of its leadership team to include five new Partners. The new class of Partners reflects the depth and breadth of the practice and cements the firm’s status as a majority women-led practice.

Notably, the firm has been at the forefront of reshaping California education through design for decades with an award-winning portfolio that spans elementary, secondary and university campus works. Committed to enhancing the educational lives of children and young adults, CAW’s wide-ranging educational portfolio reflects the belief that all students deserve equal access and inclusion. The firm has also received wide-ranging acclaim for its significant theater and museum portfolio, including the recently completed Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo and Frost Amphitheater on Stanford campus. 

“CAW is a dynamic firm built on a strong foundation of equity and passion for what we do. We know firsthand through years of practice that the right leadership team can make a profound difference on not just the quality of our work, but also the sense of excitement and inspiration found within our culture,” says founding partner Chris Wasney, FAIA, who leads the firm’s theater and secondary education campus practice. 

“What sets our firm apart is that we fundamentally believe in creating a practice where everyone on the team can thrive,” continues firm President Brent McClure, AIA, who leads the firm’s design of educational environments.

By evolving the leadership team for the modern world, Wasney and McClure have promoted the following five long-term employees.
 Mousam Adcock-13_1 Frame

With more than 19 years of experience, Mousam specializes in higher education work for both private and public entities and commercial design. 

Architecture is a field that brings so many people together and we are in the middle of that symphony. In that role, we are also in a position to influence the direction the world goes to protect the planet for the future. To me, being an architect comes with a lot of responsibility well beyond our projects.

Monique Wood-04 Frame


With more than 28 years of experience, Monique has led numerous new construction, remodels and modernization projects for a variety of institutional and educational clients. 

Architecture is my opportunity to connect with people - our designs should positively impact how people work, socialize, learn and live. Our buildings strive to enhance our communities, and are a legacy of our resolve to make our corner of the world better for all.
   Kaori Abiko-02 Frame

Kaori’s passion and dedication to the field of architecture has led her to guide many of the firm’s technically challenging and diverse projects for universities, K-12 school districts and technology companies. 
 As an architect, it is my goal to untangle the functional, social, cultural and environmental issues of a place and synthesize them into a timeless, harmonious solution that will withstand the test of time and also help resolve the ever-changing circumstances of our world. 

Matt Dohrmann06 Frame


With more than 25 years of architectural experience, Matt has worked in a range of sectors, with a recent focus on public school design and construction. 

Part of the magic of what we get to do is to imagine what scenarios weren't discussed by our clients, what questions weren’t asked or answered, and imagine what else is there that can bring life and joy to that environment, however big or small.
Katie Gutierez09 Frame copy 2


Katie brings a diverse blend of talents to her role, which touches on everything but the architecture itself. With degrees in photography and graphic design, her training as a visual artist helps her understand and document the firm’s work from a perspective that often influences key marketing decisions.
 I have always appreciated how architecture fuses art with function to create spaces that shape daily lives, preserve culture and history, and transform their environment.


CAW Principals-15

L-R: Brent McClure, Kaori Abiko, Katie Gutierrez, Chris Wasney, Monique Wood, Mousam Adcock, Matt Dohrmann