The Metal Roofing Alliance, the leading nonprofit trade organization representing the residential metal roofing market in the U.S. and Canada, recently named new board leadership and executive committee positions, including: 

Todd Miller

MRA President, Issaiah Industries

As president of Isaiah Industries, Inc., Miller works with homeowners and contractors across the globe, helping them understand the powerful benefits of smarter roofing decisions. Having spent most of his career in residential metal roofing, Miller previously served as MRA vice-president and replaces Dick Bus of ATAS as president of the MRA executive committee. In addition to the MRA, Miller has served on the boards of the Metal Construction Association, Cool Metal Roofing Coalition and numerous nonprofit and religious organizations in his community. 

Ken Gieseke

MRA Vice-President, McElroy Metal

As Senior Vice President for McElroy Metal, Ken has spent his entire working career in sales and marketing positions within the building materials industry. Ken has served on the MRA board of directors for several years, and also has served as a board member of the National Frame Building Association from 2008 – 2019, including as chairman from 2014 – 2016. 

Philippe LaPlante

MRA Secretary, Ideal Roofing

LaPlante is co-owner and vice president of sales at Ideal Roofing, the biggest independent steel roofing manufacturer and industry leader in Canada. With an active interest in helping educate customers, roofers and homeowners about the many merits of metal roofing, LaPlante also participates in various metal roofing industry associations in addition to the MRA, including Canadian sheet steel building institute CSSBI, and Metal Service Center Institute MSCI.

Brian Partyka

MRA Treasurer, Drexel Metals 

President of Drexel Metals and a 23-year industry veteran, Partyka will remain MRA treasurer as a member of the executive committee. Partyka also chairs and co-chairs multiple boards dedicated to the progression of the metal construction industry, including the Metal Construction Association, National Roofing Contractors Association and more. Recently, he was an honoree of the “Metal Construction Association Industry Champion of the Year Triumph Award,” a peer-nominated award given to an individual that has had a significant overall impact on advancing the metal construction industry.

Mark MacDonald

MRA At-Large Member, Sherwin-Williams

MacDonald manages regional sales and leads new product innovation for Sherwin-Williams Performance Coasting Group, Coil Building Products North America. A strong industry advocate, MacDonald has been involved in a leadership role with MRA for more than six years and will continue to serve in his role as at-large member of the MRA executive committee.

“The MRA executive committee has always represented strong, dedicated and experienced leadership,” said Renee Ramey, MRA executive director. “We are thrilled to have this team’s tremendous knowledge and expertise on-board as we continue to drive success and significant growth for the overall residential metal roofing industry.”