LearnGlazing.com, an online provider of glass and glazing education, has been approved as a continuing education provider for the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (AGMT) and North American Contractor Certification (NACC) programs. AGMT and NACC are North America’s only ANSI-accredited, third-party assessments for glaziers and glazing contractors.

Both programs require continuing education hours to maintain certification. AGMT requires 32 hours of education every four years. NACC requires estimators, project managers, and field crews to undertake continuing education, although there is no hourly mandate. With over 40 hours of coursework currently available, and more in development, LearnGlazing.com will help AGMT and NACC candidates fulfill hours for new and renewal certifications. The online, self-directed format offers convenience and flexibility; it lets individuals train at any time of day or from any location.

“The continuing education emphasis of AGMT and NACC ensures that glazing professionals across the continent stay at the forefront of best practices and maintain their commitment to construction quality,” said NACC and AGMT Technical Director Ben Beeler. “As an approved continuing education provider, LearnGlazing.com can support both programs. We’re excited about this opportunity for our current and prospective AGMT and NACC participants.”

“LearnGlazing.com offers unique original content to meet current glazing industry needs – at all levels of the glazing business,” explained LearnGlazing.com Co-Owner and Content Developer Marcus Dreher. “In putting educational materials together, we considered office staff, fabricators, field staff, and project managers. The more field installers are educated and understand what project managers do, and vice versa, the more a company’s overall knowledge is enhanced.”

LearnGlazing.com’s online curriculum is available free to subscribers of USGlass magazine, which is available free to qualified members of the glazing and related construction industries. Paid education programs are available to small and large glazing companies, with added benefits including evaluation tools and metrics.

LearnGlazing.com began with coursework to support drafting and project management but has expanded to include product-specific training that benefits glaziers who work in the field. Courses range from general glass business overviews to courses on component installation best practices for door hardware, decorative glass, and more.