SPRI, the association representing sheet membrane and component suppliers to the commercial roofing industry, is reviewing and re-canvassing two key technical document for re-approval as American National Standards. In accordance with SPRI’s ANSI approved procedures, standards are reviewed and reapproved every five years.

SPRI is in the process of reviewing the ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 “Test Standard for Edge Systems Used with Low Sloe Roofing Systems.” The Test Standard prescribes methodology for testing roof edge assemblies, excluding gutters, to evaluate their resistance to wind loads. It was last revised and re-approved as an ANSI standard in 2017. 

Also undergoing review is the ANSI/SPRI/RCI NT-1 Detection and Location of Latent Moisture in Building Roofing Systems by Nuclear Radio isotropic Thermalization. The document contains information on proper handling of nuclear based moisture survey equipment in the field, as well as calculating and analyzing survey results.

This standard was first approved and published in 2012 when SPRI and RCI adapted the RCI protocol, “Detection and location of latent moisture of building roofing systems by nuclear radio isotropic thermalization,” and canvassed it for approval as an American National Standards. It was reaffirmed in 2017.

Those wishing to participate in the canvass process for this document may contact SPRI at info@spri.org.