Clark Pacific, a leading provider of prefabricated systems that are transforming building design and construction, today announced plans to install solar arrays across all of its facilities, transitioning its consumption to nearly 100% renewable energy. Through a partnership with NewGen Energy, the move to solar marks a significant leap forward in Clark Pacific’s long-standing commitment to a more sustainable future. 

“As we celebrate Earth Week, Clark Pacific’s partnership with NewGen Energy and transition to solar illustrate our commitment to sustainability,” said Geene Alhady, president of Clark Pacific. “From products and services to operations, we’ve prioritized initiatives to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and will continue seeking opportunities to increase sustainability and make a positive impact on our communities, the environment and the economy.” 

The solar arrays, which NewGen Energy began installing at Clark Pacific’s properties across California in December of 2021, will be fully operational in Q4 2022. Upon completion, Clark Pacific’s use of solar energy will offset the impact of 14,976 passenger vehicles, or the energy consumption of 8,293 single-family homes, per year and is equivalent to planting 1,138,654 tree seedlings over 10 years. Over 25 years, the move to solar is estimated to save more than $19M, which can be reinvested into the company and its sustainability efforts. 

“Energy is one the highest operating costs, and with continual rate increases, can impact a company’s bottom line at a staggering rate,” said Abe Emard, president of NewGen Energy. “We are excited to take part in Clark Pacific’s path to carbon reduction and deliver tailored renewable energy systems that accelerate the company’s energy independence.”