Branch Technology, a revolutionary construction-technology company that 3D prints facades for commercial buildings, will help drive the conversation about the democratization of design and 3D-printed facades at this year’s Advancing Prefabrication Conference (April 26 to 29 in Phoenix, Ariz.). Platt Boyd, Branch Technology's founder and CEO, will serve as a guest speaker during the second full day of the conference (Thursday, April 28), where Branch Technology will also serve as an exhibitor.

The annual trade show is North America’s premier thought leadership conference dedicated to revolutionizing prefabricated, modular, and industrialized manufacturing.

“3D-printed facades have the capacity to alter the paradigm for an architect’s approach to the building envelope. The technology and methodology we’ve perfected at Branch are giving architects and owners complete design freedom through mass customization,” said Platt Boyd, founder and CEO of Branch Technology. “Advancing Prefabrication is the ideal platform for us to share our ideas and expertise with other major players in the growing prefabrication industry.”

At the show, Branch Technology will be exhibiting two of its industry-leading cladding products that fully embrace the power of prefabrication:

  • BranchClad™ is a mass-customized cladding system that enhances traditional, flat, mass-produced, ventilated rainscreen systems. BranchClad™ panels are 3D printed and can ripple, wave, and undulate to create bespoke building skins.
  • StoPanel® 3DP presents unprecedented design freedom to architects and owners. Panels are produced in a direct digital fabrication facility and then shipped to one of Branch’s many StoPanel® Affiliates who apply stunning, enduring finishes to the panels.

Branch Technology will be located at Booth 109 on the show floor.