The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), the world’s leading professional society for fire protection and fire safety engineering, The International Code Council (ICC), the leading global source of model building codes and standards and building safety solutions, and Springer, a leading global scientific and technical publisher, announce the release of a new engineering guide: “Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings.”

The 2021 edition of “Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings” provides information on the fire safety performance of tall, very tall, and super tall buildings. Topics featured in the engineering guide include emergency egress, fire resistance, building envelope, suppression, detection, alarms, and smoke control, with new guidance on considerations for existing buildings, energy storage systems, aerial vehicle platforms, and unique building features such as observation decks and fireworks displays. Additional information in the guide consists of performance-based design and international practices.   

“We know that very tall buildings impose unique fire protection challenges and require new engineering solutions above and beyond traditional methods,” stated Nicole Boston, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, Society of Fire Protection Engineers. “This engineering guide provides fire safety engineers and fire protection professionals with specific and necessary engineering principles to overcome the challenges of fire and to protect very tall buildings, their occupants, and first responders.”  

As leaders in engineering a fire-safe world, SFPE provides rapid dissemination of the most recent and advanced work in fire protection engineering, fire science, and the social/human dimensions of fire. Recently published books in the SFPE book series include “Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings” and the 2021 “International Handbook of Structural Fire Engineering,” with additional titles forthcoming. Added to the expertise of the Code Council in model codes, standards and building safety solutions, and Springer’s scientific and technology experience, the new publication provides a tool for all fire safety and design professionals all over the world.  

“The population growth of many urban centers in numerous countries and the increase in the number of super-tall buildings being built have necessitated advances in fire protection engineering and associated technologies,” said Beth Tubbs, PE, FSFPE, ICC Senior Staff Engineer and incoming SFPE President. “The second edition of “Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings,” is an excellent product of the partnership between SFPE, ICC and Springer Publishing and provides critical guidance for engineers and fire safety professionals.”

The new “Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings” is available for prices beginning at $109.00, with an additional 40% discount to SFPE members, and the standard ICC member price discounts. The 276-page guide is available in various formats from SFPE and ICC. Institutional licensing options are available to academic, government, and corporate entities from SFPE. 

“Springer Nature is very pleased to publish the “Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings Engineering Guide”, second edition, making this important work available in print and electronically through the extensive SpringerLink platform,” remarked Michael Luby, Senior Editor and Publisher Liaison, Springer.  “This marks an important milestone in our strategic collaboration with the Society and its affiliates.”

A complete table of contents, purchase options, and additional information is available from SFPE at or from ICC at