The International Code Council, a member of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) and the #BuildingtoCOP26 Coalition, will be presenting at COP26 this week. The work of the Code Council and these groups, comprised of business and government networks focused on sustainability in the built environment, is to spotlight a building’s potential in accelerating the response to a changing climate.  

 Participants around the world can join the building-focused activities at COP26 virtually:  

 Join the livestream of “The Global Resiliency Dialogue: Collaborating for Climate Resilient Buildings” at 9 am ET on Friday, November 5. 

 Join the livestream of “Pathways to Climate Resilience: The Central Role of Building Codes in Climate Adaptation and Mitigation” at noon ET on Friday, November 5. 

 Those interested can participate in all the virtual events at the Buildings Pavilion and the COP26 Built Environment Virtual Pavilion

To follow the Code Council during COP26, visit  and LinkedIn  or to download related resources. 

After the conclusion of COP26, the International Code Council will host an ICC Learn Live session on Wednesday, November 17, at 3 pm ET. Ryan Colker, Vice President of Innovation, and Judy Zakreski, Vice President of Global Services, will present takeaways from the conference and next steps for the global building safety community.