The Omniplate 1500 from Metalwërks is a barrier wall system with fully caulked, visible joints at all horizontal and vertical joints to create an air and water barrier. The barrier wall can be installed on vertical, sloped, or horizontal surfaces over masonry, structural steel, stud backup, or within curtain wall designs, delivering a wide range of design options.

Omniplate 1500 is fabricated from aluminum or stainless steel plate and can be curved or feature 3D profiles, allowing flexibility around challenging transitions without exposing trim or joints. Installed with concealed fasteners, the system is well-suited for vestibules, canopies, and eyebrows, or for enclosing exposed columns, beams, and pilasters. The Omniplate system offers sharp corner options with back-cuts on formed panel edges for crisper bends.

As a solid plate metal system, Omniplate 1500 is non-combustible, avoids NFPA 285 complications, and is 100% recyclable, contributing LEED credits to projects.

Omniplate barrier wall systems product line is engineered to serve as the primary exterior weather barrier, preventing wind and water penetration.

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