Atlas Roofing Corporation announces the introduction of ACFoam-HD CoverBoard-FR to its portfolio of ACFoam  polyiso roof insulation products. This new offering provides an additional option to achieve a UL Class A fire-rated roof assembly when used over combustible wood roof decks.

“At Atlas, we take great pride in offering our roofing customers a wide range of products to meet all their project needs,” said Greg Sagorski, Director of Technical Services at Atlas Roofing Corporation. “ACFoam-HD CoverBoard-FR was developed in response to customer requests for an ACFoam cover board option to meet a UL Class A fire-rated roof assembly on combustible wood roof decks.”

ACFoam-HD CoverBoard-FR is designed as a lightweight cover board option that complements existing approved products from Atlas for UL Class A fire-rated roof assemblies, giving architects and specifiers multiple solutions for their design needs. ACFoam-HD CoverBoard-FR can meet UL Class A fire ratings using only one layer, saving labor and materials. The UL Class A fire rating is applicable to either mechanically fastened or fully adhered, UL Classified EPDM, PVC and TPO membranes.

ACFoam-HD Coverboard-FR is comprised of Atlas’ ACFoam closed-cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam core integrally bonded to inorganic ACFoam-III coated glass facers.

ACFoam-HD CoverBoard-FR is now available nationally. For more information, visit