Aircuity, creator of measurably better building environments, sends its best wishes to all of those impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic and speaks to its role in addressing the new challenges presented by the virus. Aircuity will leverage its two decades of experience in reliable IEQ measurement and control to create safer, healthier and more productive buildings to provide more comprehensive solutions needed to meet today’s new challenges. 

Aircuity is celebrating, albeit quite differently than originally planned, 20 years of improving Indoor Environmentally Quality in the built environment. The company is now tirelessly at work to assist in tackling one of the biggest challenges in history: getting workers, researchers, teachers and students, fans and visitors back to enjoying healthy buildings as safely as possible.

Aircuity recognizes that there is no silver bullet, and that the successful strategy will require a comprehensive, multi-faceted solution. Thirteen years ago, Aircuity assisted UCI in creating and implementing a similarly comprehensive effort, the Smart Lab program which led to the transformation of efficiency and safety in research spaces around the world. Today Aircuity believes the current challenge will require an integrated approach including particulate measurement, humidity control, filtration and continuous diagnostic assessment. The new solutions will also likely lead to new seasonal control strategies and HVAC designs using more ventilation, improved filtration, particulate control, possible use of less return air and virus mitigation technologies.

Existing healthy building standards like WELL and RESET are already pointing the way toward this new, comprehensive approach and are likely to become requirements. Aircuity is following the lead of these organizations and working with our global IEQ expert partners to implement improved solutions immediately. The company is also beginning more extensive collaboration with Infectious Control experts and believes it can leverage its long history of working in healthcare and research institutions to quickly provide unique and compelling Indoor Air Quality improvements. 

“We are confident a new collaborative approach will allow the return to an even better built environment,” said Dan Diehl, CEO and President of Aircuity. “It has often been the case that our greatest improvements have come during our most trying times.  It is being widely reported that humidity, filtration, ventilation and particulate control (measure and remediation) are all key components to providing clean, healthy environments that mitigate the spread of viruses.  The compelling news is that we have been successfully measuring and controlling those parameters for some time and can quickly take those capabilities to the next level.”

Diehl concluded, “Aircuity would like to send our best wishes to all those adversely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and we will continue to work to improve and lead the world in IEQ measurement, control & diagnostics. Please be safe and quarantine so we can all get past this as soon as possible…We can & we will!”