GCP Applied Technologies is pleased to introduce the PERM-A-BARRIER VPS 30 air barrier, a primerless, permeable, self-adhering air barrier membrane. Based on proven permeable membrane technology, the PERM-A-BARRIER VPS 30 membrane delivers the same installed performance as the PERM-A-BARRIER VPS product, now with an advanced adhesive to enable primerless installation on concrete, CMU or exterior gypsum.

Air barriers provide essential protection from the elements and are a critical component of any high performing wall assembly. However, the cost involved with installing traditional air barriers is high and some membranes are cumbersome to apply.

The PERM-A-BARRIER VPS 30 air barrier requires no primer, cutting installation time by up to 35 percent compared to traditional systems. Ideal for any wall assembly requiring vapor permeability, the membrane is extremely easy to install. There’s no need to hassle with rollers or waste disposal as there is with primed air barriers. Just peel off the release liner and adhere the air barrier to the substrate.

Having a primerless solution also reduces cleanup time and additional costs for materials, including primer, rollers and cleaning supplies. This results in a faster, easier and tidier air barrier installation, at a fraction of the cost.

The PERM-A-BARRIER VPS 30 membrane is compatible with GCP’s existing family of air barrier and flashing products, as well as with other rubberized asphalt products.

For more information on PERM-A-BARRIER VPS 30 air barrier visit product.gcpat.com/air-barriers-vps30.